Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Redington Inventory Finds - Gotta Get'em Out!

When you run a couple busy stores, the inventory audit season is when you start to find the odds and ends that you knew you had... In our case, we've come across some Redington RS3 5 weight rods that we thought we had run out of. These moderate action trout rods are four-piece, come with a full factory warranty and tube and make great primary rods (or a nice backup rod to stow along). Originally $200, this last batch is priced at $100 each and will probably go very quickly.

We also have a few (not as many) of the faster action CPS fly rods left at 30% Off. I think the 8 and 9 weights are already gone, but there are others.

Currently, these are available in both stores, but you should call first to make sure it's still there when you read this. If you can't get into the stores, these can be ordered via our online store - the Closeout section is here. As you guessed, all this stuff (like the Ross Momentum Fly Reel sale) is strictly limited to stock on hand, first-come-first-served. So, don't delay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Overstock Items - Great Deals!

Well water fowl season is over except for the youth hunts and some far away goose hunting. Mother natures was not kind to us again, leaving us dry for the majority of the season, leaving We are overstocked on decoys, ammo, and cammo clothing and bags. Beginning Tuesday the 27th we will discount on our steel Kent ammo 15% off our regular low price and we will continue to keep our decoys at 15% off and the camo clothing and bags at 30% off for the next two weeks. The best deals are going fast! This applies only to items in stock now - come on down and take advantage of this great pricing - we don't want to have to lug all this stuff up to the attic!

In future posts, I will share with you some of the items we purchased at the annual Distributor show in Vegas in the begining of January.

I found some good deals that Western Sport Shop will pass on to our loyal customers - some things have already arrived in the stores.

Let's all hope Mother Nature lightens up on the weather and things get back to normal soon.

Tom Nelson
General Manager

Friday, January 23, 2009

Upcoming Santa Rosa Free Mini-Clinics

These free Mini-Clinics are ongoing at Western Sport Shop. Duration times are e, depending upon how many anglers and interested students attend. You can simply show up to attend, but if you can call the store to register, it will help us get an idea of how many to expect. Thanks and hope to see you there!

Santa Rosa - 707-542-4432
Saturday, February 14 - 10:30 AM
Instructor - Carlo Bongio

Tackle Rigging for Steelhead
Covers typical rigging and tackle strategies for both spinning and conventional gear. Clinic runs approximately 30 - 45 minutes.

Santa Rosa - 707-542-4432
Saturday, March 14 - 10:30 AM
Instructor - Carlo Bongio

Beginning Fly Tying
An introduction to tying your own flies. All materials provided.

Steelhead Conditions

Well, it should be time for steelhead. But, this '09 season finds us with very low and clear water conditions. Low flows have closed the north coast rivers and creeks to angling. The only river opoen to steelhead angling is the Russian River in Sonoma County. The Smith and Eel river systems are under separate low flow regulations.

The amount of steelhead in the Russian river has been low and we are not seeing a large migration at this time, unlike 2007 when we had very similar conditions, but the river had thousands of steelhead coming in. So, what is happening?

I'm not sure, but feel it's a combination of things that may have occured. We still have fish, but we need to use low water tactics, such as longer and lighter leaders, smaller flies and lures, and a really stealthy approach.

As this is being posted, rain is falling and the forcast looks good for more. This could open the other castal rivers by next week (1/28). You can always check the DFG fishphone for flows at 707-944-5533.

The best advice for this week is "Don't Give Up!" Every steelhead year is different and conditions can change overnight

Monday, January 19, 2009

Discontinued Scott Rod Clearance

Ooops! Forgot One Item - the curse of multi-tasking on a Monday....

We still have a few Scott Rods left over from 2008 - these are the A2's, E2's, a couple of (my personal favorite) G-Series and the S3 Saltwater rods. These rods come with a full factory warranty and are new and unfished (though there may be a handprint on the cork here and there - they have been on the racks in the shops). Scott has changed some cosmetics on these series, as well as updated some of the blanks. Either way, we need them out to make some room for the 2009 rods, so... how about a deal?

Since I forgot to add it to the earlier post, let's take another 10% off of these, shall we?

How about 40% off of the regular retail price? Thought that might get your attention. No layaways, and no phone orders to hold specific models. First person through the door gets to scoop up these smooth casting Scott rods at a ridiculously low price.

Ross Momentum Reel Sale

Just got word on Friday that Ross Reels will be making some changes to their Momentum Series of steelhead/salmon/saltwater fly reels. This spring, they will be bringing out the Momentum LT which uses a different dimension spool. Unfortunately, this means that the original Momentum frames will not work with the new system. Ross will be continuing to make the spools to work with the Momentum Series, as they have with virtually all the reel models they have ever made.

However, it does mean that we need to reduce our inventory. So, as of right now, we will be selling the Ross Momentum series reels at 30% off the regular price - huge savings on a top quality reel. As an added bonus to folks who are reading this update, if you purchase a Momentum series spool that we have in stock, we'll throw in backing on both the spool and reel.

We've also been going through our inventory, pulling out discontinued items and pricing them to move - this is our little winter project. So, come down to the stores and take advantage of these deep discounts. We'll be adding to the "Winter Cleaning" Sale for the next couple of weeks, so if you don't see something tomorrow, make sure to stop by again!

Winter Hours Reminder -
As I mentioned in the last post, we are now operating under Winter Hours. That means that the stores will be closed Mondays (until approximately mid-March) and that the weekday opening hours will be 10 AM.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

WSS Winter Hours Update

Beginning Monday, January 19th, both Western Sport Shop locations will be shifting to Winter Hours. This means that we will be closed on Mondays, and open one hour later on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10 - 6
Wednesday - 10 - 6
Thursday - 10 - 6
Friday - 9 - 6 in San Rafael, 10 - 6 in Santa Rosa
Saturday - 8 - 6 in San Rafael, 9 - 5 in Santa Rosa
Sunday - 10 - 4

Monday, January 12, 2009

Waterfowl Season-End Sale and More!

After the strong response to our 10-15-20 Waterfowl Season-End Sale, we've decided to continue it - with a twist! This week, you can save another 10% on any camouflage clothing in stock - you now receive 30% off any camo clothing in stock!

The 15% off on all decoys, decoy cord and decoy weights continues, as does the 10% off on all waterfowl ammunition (and remember - this is 10% off of our already low everyday price - so you get a great deal!)

Again, these prices are for items in stock at either store. Sorry - no layaways on these items. First come, first served!


Now, when we started the Season End sale in our Waterfowl Department, a few sharp-eyed anglers emailed me to point out that we were ignoring them. Point taken. Honestly, it's a good-sized store and we're still finishing off some inventory counts, but it looks like we've ended up with too many flies at year-end. So, let's start there.

All Flies - 30% OFF!
Every fly in stock is now 30% off the regular price. No limits, so stock up now for the upcoming trout season, or load up for steelhead, bass or saltwater.

Selected Fly Lines - 30% OFF!
We also have a bunch of fly lines with old packaging left from 2008. Some of it looks a little shopworn, some of the lines have been discontinued, and some of the lines have changed their packaging. But, they are all 30% off!

Redington CPS Fly Rods - 40% OFF!
Actually, this was from last month, but we still have a few of these powerful casting rods from Redington. They've discontinued these for 2009, and we need to make room for the newer models.

Summer Clothing - 40% OFF!
We still have a few pieces of last summer's clothing hanging around. If it's here and it fits, you can't beat a 40% savings!


And just so I don't get a few emails from the regular tackle folks -

Rogue Rods - 30% OFF!
Unfortunately, this company is taking a huge price increase for 2009 and we have elected to discontinue stocking these rods.

Salmon Trolling Gear - 50% OFF!
I'll be honest, we had pre-ordered a bunch of salmon trolling gear - lures, flashers, dodgers, deep-6's, bait holders and releases - for last year and we're still sitting on it. We need the room so here's some serious savings! This stuff won't go bad, so stock up now!

Discontinued Rods - Save up to 50%!
All manner of spinning and casting rods which have been discontinued, changed slightly or modified with the new model year. As far as we can tell, the fish really can't tell if you are using last year's rod! Items are priced as marked in each store - shop now for the best selection!


As we finish off our inventory and find more "Where the heck did this come from?" items, we'll put 'em on sale immediately, so drop by either store and take advantage of high value and great savings - see ya there!