Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Books and Items Available Online

We've been getting a number of requests for information about how to purchase new and used hunting, fishing and fly fishing books.  If you were in the store towards the closing of our San Rafael location, you saw us busily boxing books and moving them off-site.  Over the past couple months, we have been listing these through two sources - ABEBooks.com and via Amazon.com

These links will give you our currently available listings:

ABE Books - http://tinyurl.com/wssbooks-abe

Amazon -  http://tinyurl.com/wssbooks

There was also general merchandise left over from our hunting, fishing and fly fishing departments. (Note - all firearms and ammunition were sold before we closed the San Rafael location).  Much of this is being assembled into lots and offerings via eBay.  For now, the best way to find these items is to visit this link:


or search for ebay user westernsportshop

Finally - a few words on flies.  After a big organization and counting project, we have detailed counts of freshwater and saltwater fishing flies which are available.  As you know, these were all high quality flies tied by Umpqua on Tiemco hooks.  While we are offering some mixed lots of flies through ebay,

we have been selling larger quantities directly to interested dealers, clubs and lodges.  If you wish to get some information regarding a bulk purchase of flies, please email me directly at wssjim at gmail dot com.

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