Friday, February 3, 2012

San Rafael Store Now Closed

As of January 31, 2012, we have closed our retail store at 902 Third Street in San Rafael. It's possible that the renovation team has already started working on the building for the new landlord. So, chances are it's soon going to look quite different than it has for the past years. Things change, and it is with a certain amount of sadness that I walked out the door for the last time.

However, the things which made that location so special always had to do with the staff and customers. In recent days, many people took the time to share their stories and feelings. A store with history dating back to 1947 has a lot of tales, and that is what remains important. Physical locations come and go, but coming together with excitement about the first time a parent and child had success up at the watershed lakes, watching with amazement when your fly goes precisely where you'd wanted it, or having a call you'd mimicked and practiced work flawlessly - those things are what we've enjoyed the most.

Our existence will change. Right now, we will continue selling new and used hunting, fishing and fly fishing books. Our immediate project is to get more titles listed through ABE, and we're tinkering a bit with our website to make more things available. There will also be some merchandise available. Look back here for more information.

Our website has updated contact information. But, here it is:

Western Sport Shop, Inc.
PO Box 162
Kentfield, CA 94914


Please note - we can no longer accept firearm transfers from other dealers.

Lastly - if you are interested in purchasing our open bin fly displays, these are still available. There are four 4' long single sided displays with a storage drawer and open shelving. These all have wheels. Also, we have a wooden 6' double sided display with drawers and covered cabinets, and an 8' double sided display with drop-in acrylic dividers. Please email if you are interested in photos.

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