Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Sale Update

First of all, let me thank you again for the outpouring of stories, recollections and genuine emotions which everyone has shared about Western Sport Shop. We were all customers before ever getting involved with the business, and it's been interesting and heartwarming to hear from everyone.

At this point, we are still actively trying to reduce our inventory, and all of the staff members have been going through boxes and drawers to find forgotten parts, inventory and other gear. We've fattened up the sale tables and dusted off some "demo" items. And, as you might expect, sharpened up our pencils a bit in anticipation of the last full weekend of the sale.

Starting right now -

All remaining fly rods in stock are 50% OFF the original price. We also have some extremely limited demo and "found" inventory which is even a better deal.

All remaining fly lines in stock are now 50% OFF the original price.

All Tying Material and Fly Tying Hooks are now 50% OFF the original price. We've dug out a lot of other stuff in old packaging which even more attractively priced. Now is the time to stock up if you are planning on doing some fly tying this winter!

All USED BOOKS are now 70% OFF our selling price. Yes, that is correct - "Seventy"! Bring a Big BAG!

All other merchandise is at least 40% off the original price (except firearms).

We will continue to sell CA Fishing Licenses (sorry - regular price on those!) until January 25th - bring in your last year's fishing license (or photo ID) and we'll get you squared away.

IF you want to take advantage of our SUPER LOW prices on all remaining shotguns (rifles are gone!), you may purchase the firearm from us, but will have to fill out state and federally mandated paperwork at another shop. We are currently working to finalize an agreement for this.

Oh... speaking of rifles: anyone have a 7mm-08, 7mm Winchester Short Mag or .300 Remington ULTRA Mag caliber rifle? We ended up with excess ammunition in those two calibers, and will sell all remaining ammo at 60% off the regular price.

So - please come on down this weekend and take advantage of what could be the last few days.

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