Friday, March 27, 2009

Rivers Update and Class Info

Steelhead season on the Coastal rivers is winding down. However, this past week saw several fresh run steelhead caught on the Russian River.

Steelhead season ends on March 31st. The Russian River is still open to angling, but you cannot harvest a steelhead - even a hatchery fish - after that date.

Look for the middle of April to bring with it the first runs of Shad in the Russian. This hard-running fish is a kick to catch and release. Recent rains have helped to put some good water flow into the river system, and make it a much more exciting spring.

Flyfishing 101 - Space Available in 4/18 Session
If you are looking to learn how to fly cast, or just tune up and shake off the winter of inacivity, give a call to the Santa Rosa store and sign up for my next Flyfishing 101 Course, which will take place on Saturday, April 18th. This is a great way to get ready for serious spring fishing, or to finally learn what all the excitment is about with fly fishing. Class size is limited, and you we can supply equipment if necessary.

Bass and panfish should be in full swing by this time. As the weather warms up, these fish are hungry and moving into the shallower waters, making them perfect for fly fishing.

Go through your tackle and gear, get ready for spring!

- Carlo

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