Friday, March 27, 2009

Know the Rules!

The 2009-2010 Ocean Sport Fishing regulations booklet is now available
online at and in
hardcopy format at your local CDFG office or at both of the Western Sport Shop locations.

Another new brochure, “A Guide to Central California Beach Fishing”
is now available as well. The brochures provide tips such as best times to fish,
suggested gear, and fish identification illustrations for some of the
most popular fish caught along California’s sandy beaches to the south of us.

The brochures are currently available online at and in hardcopy format on a
limited basis from the CDFG (e-mail for
information) and California Sea Grant (see for information).

A new brochure, “Stop the Spread of Dwarf Eelgrass” describes a
non-native marine plant that is destroying essential coastal habitat
used by a variety of native animals and plants. The brochure helps
people identify the invasive species and provides contact information
for reporting suspected sightings.

The brochure is currently available in hardcopy format on a limited
basis from the link above, and is available online at The dwarf
eelgrass Web site also includes an electronic report form for suspected
sightings of dwarf eelgrass and other invasive species.

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