Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for This Saturday's Turkey Opener

Finished all of my "honey-do's" and still had two hours left of my day off. So, off to the ranch to pattern my new Beretta AL391 12 ga shotgun for the final time before the wild turkey spring season opened this Saturday, March 28th.

Started at 25 yds. I'm using the Winchester Dbl X Mag turkey loads this season - they are a 12 gauge load that give 1125 fps with 2 oz #5 shot

# 1) 25 yds resulted in 165 pellets in the red zone with 147 outside of the zone. All pellets were in a 16" circle.
# 2) 30 yds. produced 84 pellets in the red zone with 187 pellets still in a 16" circle. Remaining 37 pellets were still in a 30" circle.

If you missed one of our four clinics over the last month, we'll be happy to help with any quick questions you have before you head out. Make sure you are completely camo'd up, can position yourself comfortably in an appropriate area and know your distances.

As always - Let's be Safe! Don't forget the bug spray. Remember 4:00 Pm is the latest shoot time in CA. Take a buddy or a youth on your hunt. Best of luck!

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