Monday, February 2, 2009

Season End - Season Start!

Duck Season Wrap-Up
Despite the lack of "real" winter weather, Mother Nature showed us who's really in control, the first 54 days was great for the ducks. Klamath Basin finally got some good weather for the hunters as of December, the harvest rate jumped up the last 46 days of the season. I enjoyed my time at the store helping customers deciding what duck calls to buy, or how to fill out for the state or federal draw's to send in. It seems like the hunters who did best focused on the fundamentals - good calling, spinning wing decoys and good decoy spreads, appropriate cover and of course, a good dog to make sure nothing got missed!

Turkey Season Soon!
Of course, I'm getting my turkey calls out now and practicing them - the spring Turkey season starts March 28. Beginning mid-February, I will be putting on some turkey calling clinics on Saturday mornings. Look for more information here, or signup sheets on the counters at the San Rafael store. If enough people are interested, we'll try to put something together up in Santa Rosa.

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