Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rain Brings the Fish!

Thank Goodness for rain! Best bets right now are sturgeon on San Pablo bay, Russian river steelhead, wild trout up at Kent Lake, and bass at Nicasio reservoir.

As for the sturgeon, I am getting steady reports of guys sticking keeper size diamondsides on ghost shrimp and herring filets at Paradise Park (off Tiburon), the Pumphouse (San Pablo Bay), and Oakland Airport (plus a few unsubstantiated in the South Bay). If you are fishing from the bank, Paradise Park pier is an excellent way to go, espcially if you can get a good out going tide. For all the boaters out there, try fishing the first half of the outgoing tides, west of the Pumphouse, and the second half of the outgoing tide east of the Pumphouse, closer to the shipping channel.

Russian River steelhead - the mouth is open and pods of new fish are entering daily. If the water is clear, it's hard to beat throwing small black beadhead wooly bugers, but if the rain colors the water a little bit then drift roe or throw small 1/3 oz Little Cleos in gold and burgundy. Also, Panther Martins are good in the river as well. It's one of the few bladed spinners that has good action regardless of current direction.

Guys are still getting wild trout up at Kent Lake on night crawlers, kastmasters, and in-line spinners. As for color, if the water is a little murky, go with gold kastmasters and gold bladed spinners, if the water is still gin clear, then nickel

Last but not least, bass fishing is starting to turn on and the best bet is Nicasio Reservoir. Fish rip rap with the allmighty brass and glass rigged green pumpkin Brush Hog, or if the water is fairly clear you can't beat a wacky rigged Yamamoto Senko in darker colors.

Also you can start looking for a reaction bite to improve daily. As this begins, your best bets will be Speed Traps, Chatter Baits such as the Boogiebait, spinnerbaits, and small swimbaits like the Storm Wildeye swim shad in Shiner Chartreuse. To fish this effectively, target the rip-rap by casting paralel to the bank and trying to bump the eadges of the rip-rap with your baits.

Okay - go get fishing!

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