Friday, April 3, 2009

Wading Shoe Tech

If you've come into either store this week, you probably saw something that might have been confusing - wading boots and sandals without felt soles. You saw correctly - we have started receiving the new models of Simms boots and sandals which use their new Vibram soles which have been developed to the unique needs of anglers.

Simms teamed with Vibram to create clean, great-gripping rubber compound treads on our wading boots and river footwear. The Simms StreamTread sole will do more to keep you upright in wet, mossy wading environments.

Why Vibram? If you have been following the issues of invasive species for the past few years, you will know that nasty little critters can take up residence in the pores of traditional felt sole designs. The New Zealand Mud Snail introduction into the Putah Creek system is just one example of how quickly and easily these things can spread. Now we are getting reports that felt soled (or similar) boots are not being allowed into certain watersheds.

Since Vibram doesn't allow these beasts and seeds to be transported, it's the logical choice. Of course, some of you might remember the old days when rubber-soled wading boots meant a lot of slipping, sliding and sitting in the river. You need to put that image out of your mind. The StreamTread (which we've demo'd before believing it ourselves!) provides a grip that reminded one of our staff of climbing shoes. Plus, these shoes are compatible with the massive Simms "Hardbite" carbide studs, if you are in wide, smooth rock conditions where nothing else will work.

The days of felt-soles are numbered. We're stocking less options and there will be progressively fewer rivers that allow them. Check out the Simms StreamTread Vibram now.

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