Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crab Traps are HERE! Sport Season Opens Saturday!

Our newest batch of Commercial Quality crab traps have arrived - just about ready to soak. But, the key question is "Are you ready?"

For some reason, it seems as though a significant number of customers are not aware that the sport fishing season for delectable Dungeness crabs opens this Saturday, November 5 for most counties. Early season crabbing is often the best - before the commercial boats begin dropping their larger traps.

So, if you have wanted to give this a try, come by the shop and get one of our custom-made, heavy gauge crab traps. These have been made even better this year with thicker ring material and heavier rubber wraps. Plus, we have this batch rigged with 150 feet of quality rope, so if you need to soak your pots deeper, you won't run short.

These pots come ready to drop, with a large main float and 150' of 3/8" rope. As before, these have rounded edges for a more consistent drop, and are weighted to the bottom, so they should not invert. With the increased thickness of ring, they are approximately 30 pounds. You'll need to have some method of baiting the trap - we recommend zip-tying a bait jar to the roof and pinning in a fish head or mackerel to the floor.

After that, you just need to head out and let them soak - some anglers prefer an overnight, while others go bottom fishing or look for striper outside the surf zone. Early season, a 3-4 hour soak is a good minimum rule. More is generally better.

If you had pre-ordered from this shipment of heavy duty crab traps, you should have received a phone call notifying you they had arrived - just bring your receipt to the shop to pick up your traps. We do have a few still available - so, if you want to get set up, we're offering our Dungeness Season Opener Special - These rigged and ready traps are normally $179.99, but if you buy three, we'll take $10 off for each trap, making them $169.99. If you need six or more, we'll knock off $20 each trap, for $159.99 each. Quantities are limited, so if you are interested and want to reserve traps with your credit card, please call the shop at 415-456-5454.

See you out there and enjoy the crab!

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