Friday, April 1, 2011

Carlo Bongio Shad Clinic - May 14th

Do you want to learn the tricks and techniques to catch scads of shad? Then make sure you sign up for Carlo's Shad Clinic on Saturday, May 14th!

"On the Water" Shad Clinic
SATURDAY, May 14th, 2011

The anadromous American Shad is a fly fisher¹s dream. When hooked, shad's aerial displays are reminiscent of a tarpon or steelhead's flight. The shad runs as powerfully as a salmon, and shows a tremendous amount of endurance. Shad hit flies with reckless abandon and attack with such shuddering strikes that you may find them arm-numbing. This day-long clinic will give you the tools you need to effectively pursue and catch this most challenging and
exciting of gamefish on a fly rod.

Clinic Meets in Santa Rosa, Directions supplied upon payment.
Reservations required.
Clinic Fees: $125/person

This clinic requires wading to be most effective. Waders and appropriate
wading equipment is the responsibility of the student. Attendees should
have mastered basic casting techniques & be familiar with basic fly fishing
equipment. For more information, please contact Carlo Bongio the shop (415)

What is Covered in this Clinic:
Wading Techniques - Fly Selection - Reading the Water for Best Results - Casting & Fishing Shooting Heads - Presentation Techniques for Shad (which work well for steelhead too!) Plus - Russian River "Hot Spots"

Recommended Equipment for the Clinic
Required: Valid California Fishing License (available at stores)

8 weight fly rod with fighting butt.
(6 or 7 weight rod acceptable).
Disk-drag reel set up with a shooting head system.
(enough capacity for approximately
150-200 yards of backing,
plus 200' running line & 30' head)
20-30# Backing
Running line
Shooting heads with a sink rate of 2, 3 and 4.

Shad Flies in sizes 6 & 8 (chartruese, red, orange are most popular)

7' tapered leaders in 2x - 3x tippet size

Waders (unless you want to "wet wade")
Wading staff
Polarized sunglasses
Food, drinks & necessary snacks

If you have any questions, contact Carlo Bongio at the shop (415) 456-5454.

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