Monday, February 7, 2011

Flyfishing 101 Classes Scheduled

There is more to successful fly fishing than learning how to cast. This class covers the skills and techniques necessary to get you on the stream and catching fish! Ace teacher and experienced fly fisher Carlo Bongio - who also manages the fly department for us - gives this essential overview of fly fishing, including learning three types of casts, knot tying, presentation techniques, and understanding equipment, trout habitat and entymology (the study of insects -- the natural food of the trout).

During the session, students will have opportunities to both learn and practice techniques. Beginning with a description of the fly fishing equipment and how it is put together into a complete outfit, this class then focuses upon essential fishing knots, the different types of flies and when to use them. Once all students understand the “why” aspect of fishing, coursework moves to casting and controlling line for different conditions and presentations. By the end of the course, budding anglers are ready to concentrate on catching fish. We recommend these sessions rather than casting-only classes for novices.

This class is limited to 6 students and goes from 9 am to approximately 12:30 pm.
Reservations required - contact Carlo at 415-456-5454. (Note - classes generally fill early, so don't delay!) All gear provided. Cost: $95/student.

Saturday, March 5
Saturday, March 26
Saturday, April 2

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