Saturday, April 24, 2010

More California Regulations News

California Department of Fish and Game News Release

Harry Morse, DFG Communications, (916) 322-8962
Scott Barrow, DFG Fisheries Branch, (916) 445-7600
Adrianna Shea, Fish and Game Commission, (916) 508-5262

Ocean Salmon Season, Most Mammal Hunting Regulations Set by Fish and
Game Commission

The Fish and Game Commission (FGC) today adopted ocean salmon sport
fishing regulations that allow for a limited season in 2010. The inland
salmon season regulations were adopted for the Klamath and Trinity
rivers. The Central Valley regulations have been tabled until the
FGC’s next meeting on May 5.

The newly adopted ocean salmon sport fishing regulations conform to
those adopted by the Pacific Fisheries Management Council last week.
They are now available on the Department of Fish and Game’s (DFG) Web
site at

The FGC will also take action on a limited salmon sport fishing season
for the Central Valley on May 5. DFG staff are currently reviewing the
draft for potential impacts on listed winter run Chinook salmon, and
examining whether additional angling opportunities are feasible. The
proposed regulations would allow fisheries for Sacramento River fall run
Chinook salmon. Once the review and revision is complete, DFG’s
proposed seasons and zones will be posted on the FGC Web site at

The FGC today also adopted the proposed 2010-2012 mammal hunting
regulations, taking DFG’s recommendation not to change existing bear
hunting regulations at this time. DFG made this recommendation after it
determined more time was needed to review comments, in compliance with
the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. A memo
sent from DFG Director John McCamman to the FGC can be viewed at

The FGC directed staff to schedule an agenda item to begin a new
regulatory package for bear hunting regulations at their May 5 meeting.

The regulations approved today also increase elk hunting opportunities
through the addition of new hunts, reduce deer harvest in Zone X1 and
set in place regulations for mammal species for the upcoming seasons.

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