Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Opening Day - This Saturday!

Wow. If the rains had kept up for another half hour on Monday in San Rafael, we could have just tossed decoys out onto Third Street...

As it was, the store came within a few inches of serious flooding, and everyone in the hunting department was seriously eyeing new rainwear.

Everyone seems to have a big bright outline on this Saturday, and folks have been crowding into the store to stock up on cleaning supplies, ammunition, calls, decoys and - suddenly - new waterproof jackets. In case you have missed the news, the 2009/2010 Waterfowl Season "Balance of State" opening weekend is this Saturday, October 24!

Which means for the last month or so, everyone's duck dog has been going crazy at the house, as they watch all the gear get assembled, laid out, checked and packed up. If you haven't gotten ready yet, it's time to double-check your equipment!

First is to make sure you haven't lost your hunting licence, and that you have appropriate state and federal duck stamps in place. As before, we sell both state and federal stamps, so don't line up down at the Post Office.

Second, go through your firearm and ammo. We've all heard stories of hunters getting out to the blind only to suddenly remember that they'd been on a field hunt in the spring and swapped 20 gauge ammo into their bag. Making sure all the pins are in place on your action, and that the barrel can be tightened down correctly (and that it didn't get dented while being stored or transported) should all be down without the distraction of pre-dawn excitement.

Your calls often get ignored. Now is a good time to pull them out, separate the sections and inspect them for cracked reeds or other damage.

Take a little time today to make this this Saturday's hunt goes off without a hitch!

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