Monday, January 19, 2009

Discontinued Scott Rod Clearance

Ooops! Forgot One Item - the curse of multi-tasking on a Monday....

We still have a few Scott Rods left over from 2008 - these are the A2's, E2's, a couple of (my personal favorite) G-Series and the S3 Saltwater rods. These rods come with a full factory warranty and are new and unfished (though there may be a handprint on the cork here and there - they have been on the racks in the shops). Scott has changed some cosmetics on these series, as well as updated some of the blanks. Either way, we need them out to make some room for the 2009 rods, so... how about a deal?

Since I forgot to add it to the earlier post, let's take another 10% off of these, shall we?

How about 40% off of the regular retail price? Thought that might get your attention. No layaways, and no phone orders to hold specific models. First person through the door gets to scoop up these smooth casting Scott rods at a ridiculously low price.

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